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A 2019 Musician Physician, Dr Incavo Performs at The Arts of Healing Annual Fundraiser

Transformed into a virtual art gallery of paintings and photography as well as a stage for physician musicians the event brought together multi-talented physicians in the pursuit of the healing arts and answers to some of the medical challenges patients face. Among the musicians, Dr. Incavo performed on the sax, sharing the stage with Dr. Robert Markoff on piano, Dr. Eric Salazar on bass, Dr. Dean Moore on sax, Dr. Josh Breier on guitar, Dr. Richard Fish on drums, and Dr. Khashayar Hematpour at the baby grand piano.  The event was featured in Paper City Magazine.

Established by Lori and Isaac Raijman MD, The Arts of Healing Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization that blends the worlds of art and medicine. The foundation unites physicians from the major hospitals throughout the Texas Medical Center to encourage and celebrate the arts while simultaneously raising money for a variety of medical challenges.

Dr. Dean Moore (L) and Dr. Stephen Incavo (R)


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